Epic 5-day road trip around Iceland, day 2: Glaciers and icebergs!

As I explained in the post about our day 1 in Iceland, we were not ready to sacrifice any attractions on our 5-day visit in Iceland. Therefore, our days had to start out early… I mean veeeery early! Day 2 was the prime example of that…

Day 2: Escalating glaciers and iceberg lagoons

Day 2

  • 3:30 AM : BEEP BEEP BEEP – Time to wake up! We had a long drive (a little less than 2 hours) from our guesthouse to Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon, a stop we absolutely wanted to make before our 8:30 AM glacier hike. It ended up being a perfect start to our day: an easy hike atop the beautiful canyon, offering amazing views and opportunities for taking beautiful pictures. We were completely by ourselves, which made it even more special.
  • Falljökull glacier (Falling Glacier) hike: This 5.5 hour glacier hike was a (very late) birthday present for my girlfriend, but ended up being a definite top 3 (if not top 1!) highlight of the trip. It is really difficult to explain in words the intricate beauty of glaciers. However, pictures are worth a thousand words!
  • Fjallsárlón iceberg lagoon: I can right off the bat say that iceberg lagoons are as cool as they sound! Fjallsárlón is smaller and perhaps less appreciated than its neighbour Jökulsárlón, but is definitely worth the visit nonetheless.
  • Jökulsárlón iceberg lagoon: Get your cameras ready, because you’ll be taking pictures non stop here. Icebergs, freshly detached from their mother glaciers, are literally floating away to the ocean – It is so spectacular to see, you’ll just want to sit and stare for hours!

After Jökulsárlón, we hit the road, because we had about a 3 hour drive before arriving at our cottage near Egilsstadir in Eastern Iceland, where we were able to hit the hay totally dead at 10:30 PM.

Second day stats:

  • 575 total kilometers driven;
  • 27,500 steps walked (a little less than 20 km);
  • Again… Countless memories!

For day 3 of our trip that brought us to the spectacular volcanic part of the country, click here!


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